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Business Center 1 is located in a prime spot, conveniently close to the city centre, shopping mall, public transportation, and parks. The center is focused on utilizing natural energy resources and incorporating energy-saving technology, offering flexible and top-notch infrastructure along with underground car parking. The attractive building, situated in the heart of the historical town center, has been designed with great attention to detail, ensuring quality at every level. As a result, tenants can make efficient and flexible use of the space, making it a perfect choice for a modern business looking to thrive.

Level 6

280,98 sqm space available

Reception & security


Permanent maintenance of the building and facilities

Underground car parking

Integrated Business Management System (BMS)

Electric car chargers

Property management


leased space

4001,68 sqm

of office spaces across  6 levels


underground parking spaces


certified - Good




Level 6

280,98 sqm

77, 58 sqm - open space
62, 35 sqm - open space 
29, 04 sqm - open space

54,15 sqm - green terrace

Level 2

350 sqm

350 sqm  - open space

MBC1 ensures a comfortable work environment for everyone. Green terraces, parks and bicycle facilities are available nearby

Health & wellbeing

Photovoltaic panels are used for domestic hot water, further reducing the usage of traditional electricity

Solar energy

The BMS system automatically controls the climate, artificial illumination, monitors energy and water consumption of the building

Building Management System

Lighting system designed with automatic natural light detection and ignition sensors

Eco-friendly lighting

The materials used to build, heating and cooling heat pump systems, solar panels and rainwater collection all contribute to the building being energy efficient

Energy efficient

BREEAM certification

Multinvest Business Center 1 is a BREEAM-certified office building, named the first green office building in Romania

One feature is a rainwater collection system, which is used to supply water for the toilets. Additionally, the building includes efficient sanitary installations, further decreasing the amount of water used

Water saving

Park lifts are in place to provide safe parking spaces for our tenants

Smart parking

Heat pumps allow for heating and cooling to be done naturally and efficiently, without any use of gas

Heat pump system

Make an impact on your bottom line, not the environment.

Multinvest Business Center 1 has been designed to provide a combination of high specification, efficient office space with focus on low energy consumption.

MBC1 is designed to give their tenants and clients a pleasant place to do business. The building is designed in accordance with BREAAM recommendations based upon attention to: health and wellbeing of workers, energy efficiency, transport, use of water, waste treatment, use and sourcing of construction materials.

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