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Multinvest Business Center 2 is the second green office developed my Multinvest Group, constructed according to BREEAM standards, based on principles of ecological durable design. MBC2 located in Zone 1 of city of Targu Mures, the new business hub of located in the immediate vicinity of a commercial centre, business incubator, internationally renowned hotel, which is to be opened in June 2023, conference rooms, restaurants, etc. A high level of control of the occupant is ensured for heating, lighting, air quality and noise reduction.

Level 2

154,70 sqm space available

Level 6

860 sqm space available

Reception with 24 hour security


Permanent maintenance of the building and facilities

Bicycle parking spaces

Integrated Business Management System (BMS)

Electric car chargers

Conference rooms for events, seminars, workshops

9240 sqm

of office spaces across  6 levels


parking spaces


on ground floor




leased space


Level 6

860 sqm

460 sqm - open space

400 sqm - terrace with panorama view

Level 2

154,70 sqm

154,70 sqm  - open space

The environment is carefully designed to ensure a comfortable workplace for everyone. There are plenty of accessible parking spaces as well as bike storage.

Health & wellbeing

Photovoltaic panels are used for domestic hot water, further reducing the usage of traditional electricity

Solar energy

There is an automatic artificial lighting control according to external conditions and it’s controlled based on the number of room occupants.

Eco-friendly lighting

The building’s energy performance is class A+ and it’s integrated with automatic internal temperature control. The ventilation is equipped with a heat recovery system.

Interior climate

One feature is a rainwater collection system, which is used to supply water for the toilets. Additionally, the building includes efficient sanitary installations, further decreasing the amount of water used

Water saving

The area is designed for selective waste collection to further increase eco-friendliness 

Selective waste collection

Our mission with this second sustainable office building was to help Târgu Mureș become a more productive city by constructing a network of business centres, called Multinvest Business Hub, in the industrial area with the use of business and technological innovation.

MBC2 is the second green office building constructed according to BREEAM standards, based on principles of ecological durable design, taking into consideration all the ways of assuring healthcare and wellbeing.

Make an impact on your bottom line, not the environment

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The newly opened restaurant situated on the ground floor of the MBC2 building boasts a warm and inviting atmosphere with stylish decor that combines modern elegance and cozy charm. The restaurant offers a diverse menu that caters to all tastes, with a focus on using the freshest and highest quality ingredients. The committed staff strives to provide exceptional service, ensuring every aspect of the dining experience is memorable, from the moment the customer enters the restaurant to the last bite of their meal.

Located in the heart of the MBC2 building, the restaurant is the perfect choice for those looking for a convenient and delicious dining option. Whether it's a romantic evening out, a casual lunch with friends, or a business dinner, the restaurant caters to all occasions. With its exceptional location, fresh ingredients, and dedicated staff, customers are guaranteed to have a delightful dining experience.

High standard restaurant on ground floor



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